... in the Summer of 2002 a friend gave me a copy of Gina Garan's book "This Is Blythe" ... one look at her dolls and I was hooked, so in September I bought my very first Blythe: a "All Gold in One" and I named her BLEETHEUX.

My second doll was a "Bohemian Beats" and I named her HORTENSIA, an old-fashioned latin name which I just love, and up to now she is probably still my favorite girl!

Over the years I bought more dolls and I now have 14 Blythes: each one has been named, they have very defined personalities and they have traveled with me quite extensively, in their very stylish personalised wardrobes.
For quite sometime I have not paid much attention to my dolls, but now I'm again very attracted to them, so I've decided that I will post a different picture of one girl every day.

Ilaria, September 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Violette goes out in the evening

Violette was so excited... she went out - on a school night - to our friend birthday celebration! Here she is with the "B.DAY" girl

No alcohol for her (she's too young) strictly Coca~Cola, and she was home before midnight!


  1. She made my party special!! but next time you should make her drink at least just a little bit