... in the Summer of 2002 a friend gave me a copy of Gina Garan's book "This Is Blythe" ... one look at her dolls and I was hooked, so in September I bought my very first Blythe: a "All Gold in One" and I named her BLEETHEUX.

My second doll was a "Bohemian Beats" and I named her HORTENSIA, an old-fashioned latin name which I just love, and up to now she is probably still my favorite girl!

Over the years I bought more dolls and I now have 14 Blythes: each one has been named, they have very defined personalities and they have traveled with me quite extensively, in their very stylish personalised wardrobes.
For quite sometime I have not paid much attention to my dolls, but now I'm again very attracted to them, so I've decided that I will post a different picture of one girl every day.

Ilaria, September 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm a bit spooky!

This is DILETTA, my sixth Blythe - a "Love Mission" who came to me in November 2003 - here wearing a vintage beach outfit from the "Disco Girl" collection.

She's fifteen, very quiet and secretive, frankly she's the weird one of the bunch: not surprising her role models are Wednesday Addams (like Wednesday she likes to paint and has a quirky sense of humor)

and Emily The Srange, and like Emily my DILETTA loves cats, wears lots of black and red, and also plays the guitar. She's now talking about having a tattoo....a spider tattoo... what else?!?

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